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Dongguan Bolin Webbing Co., Ltd.

A well-known supplier of Fly Knitted Elastic in different specifications like Woven Honeycomb Elastic, Herringbone Elastic, Knitted Elastic, Honeycomb Elastic, etc..

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Our expert designers and engineers will tailor your items to your budget and design in order to help you win your market and flourish.

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About Us

Our facility is in Guangdong Province Dongguan District, near the coast, with numerous nearby ports to enable exports abroad. Consumers have been enthusiastic about the products since we started our manufacturer and exporter company named Dongguan Bolin Webbing Co., Ltd. Our factory is separated into different parts that produce Braid Elastic, Colorful Flying Elastic, Embossed Elastic, 120 mm Knit Elastic, etc. Due to the assistance of various departments, we are able to carry out the entire production process in a smooth manner.

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Dongguan Bolin Webbing Co., Ltd. is pleased to welcome the customers. For narrow fabric products, we are truly the right place.

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Williams Yu (Co-founder & Elastic Master), Jack Zhang (Co-founder & Marketing Manager), Johnson Ruan (Co-Founder & Webbing Master),


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We offer a custom package to meet customers brand identity & attract customers attention by making the products according to buyers needs, requirements, and characteristics.
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